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Customer loyalty and retention are key to any business’s success. On average, companies are losing 20% of their customers per year and it costs seven times more to reach new customers than it does to retain current customers. Companies across the globe have said that a simple 5% increase in loyalty would increase their profit by 62% on average. re:member group is dedicated to building your perfect customized loyalty program that has been proven to pay for itself.

Increased Visits

Loyalty program members are 70% more likely to make repeat visits.

Increased Sales

Loyal customers are far less price conscious. On average loyal customers spend 40% more than non-loyal customers.

Increased Referrals

Loyal customers become an extension of your brand and refer their friends, family and colleagues to your business because of car dealership incentive programs.

Increased Feedback

It is important to know how you are doing, loyal customers are far more likely to fill out surveys and reviews.

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Here at re:member group we understand the importance of building personal relationships with customers. There are plenty of companies that claim they will work hard with you and increase your profits, but no one will work harder than us to make you and your company our #1 priority. We make sure your transition is as easy as possible by offering free in-person training.

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The Impact of Loyalty

With the innovation of modern technology, the average consumer now has more brand choices than ever before. Companies are turning to loyalty programs to retain and entice their customers to stay loyal to their brand. In the U.S., 68% of millennials report that if a brand does not have a loyalty program, they feel no obligation to stay loyal to the brand.

Today’s consumers are seeking and even demanding a unique personalized buying experience. Around 80% of companies believe they deliver a unique superb customer experience while only 8% of customers would agree. By simply offering a unique customer loyalty program you can create the customer experience consumers need.

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