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Reward your customers with points and see them come back again and again

The trend of loyalty cards and programs and points is absolutely confirmed. It’s time for dealers to take action

— Brian Pasch


Organizations that have better dealership customer retention close more deals and sell more service. Your customers expect more. Be the one to give it to them. When you exceed their expectations with car dealership incentive programs, they become advocates of your brand.

Increased Visits

Loyalty program members are 70% more likely to make repeat visits.

Increased Referrals

Loyal customers become an extension of your brand and refer their friends, family and colleagues to your business because of car dealership incentive programs.

Increased Sales

Loyal customers are far less price conscious. On average loyal customers spend 40% more than non-loyal customers.

Increased Feedback

It is important to know how you are doing, loyal customers are far more likely to fill out surveys and reviews.


Since we’ve implemented our Loyalty program, we’ve experienced about a 10-15% uptick in sales from previous customers and almost a 15-20% increase in overall service sales. The re:member group is fast, responsive, collaborative and easy to work with, and their analytics dashboards make it easy for me to monitor and adjust.

Mike Martin – Auto Aves


Who We Are

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, we created the perfect auto loyalty programs that will turn your customers into true fans.
We specialize in auto loyalty programs, as well as retail and services. Our programs to increase dealership customer retention are fully integrated and easy to use, perfect for people without any loyalty knowledge.


  • A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one.

  • 68% say that coupons generate loyalty.

  • 54% buy more from companies when they are being rewarded for purchases.

  • 69% said they would break habit and choose a different brand in order to earn more points or miles.


MDL autoMation™ (MDL)

MDL is the country’s leader in providing total process improvement through Instant Guest Recognition & Messaging using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and License Plate Recognition technologies (LPR) through its Service Drive Concierge™ program. MDL’s Bloodhound™ Bluetooth beacon solution provides both Sales and Service departments with affordable vehicle location management. Dispatch Master effectively manages the movement operation of guest or inventory vehicles from any origin and destination point in a dealership.
MDL systems are installed in leading U.S. dealerships enabling a ‘Ritz Carlton’ level of service, increased customer retention, improved CSI / SSI, and sales opportunities. MDL is fully integrated with leading industry partners in CRM, Sales Analytics, Service iPads, TSD Loaner Management, Tire Scan, Customer Loyalty, and Guest Messaging (CIM).

Visit or call 888-635-7343 for more information.

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Pulse Services Inc

Retain LLC

Massillon, Ohio-based Retain, LLC offers business owners in the automotive, real estate and other industries an opportunity to improve customer loyalty. Founded in 1995 by Karl Schmidt, the company philosophy is “the fortune is in the follow up” and effective, personalized customer service is key for retention. For more information, visit

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