August 30, 2016 Remember8700

What to Ask Before Implementing a Loyalty Program

When you own a car dealership, it’s important to reach out to your customers continuously even long after they have purchased their vehicles. Automotive email marketing isn’t always a popular option with many dealership owners, but it is a good one for those that are willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

While implementing a loyalty program isn’t difficult, finding the right company to partner with may be. You don’t want to partner with just any company. There are a few things you should ask before hiring a company to create a loyalty program for your dealership.

Have you seen any of their work? If another dealership has offered their reviews or testimonials on the website, try to check it out and see what kind of program they’ve created for that company. It can help you get a good idea of what you’ll be getting for your dealership.

What’s the company’s backstory? It may not seem important to know where a company came from, but it can help shine a light on what they are truly about. A company that has done everything they can to succeed is going to do everything they can to ensure other companies succeed as well. When it comes to small dealerships, it’s important to get the help you need to continue growing.

What is the angle of the program? Asking the company what their angle is can help you decide if they are going to do what you want for your customers. Whatever loyalty program you decide to use for your dealership is going to be a reflection of your business and how you feel about your customers, so you want to be sure that it is something you are satisfied with. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the idea of the program, do not settle for something you don’t like.

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