June 14, 2013 remembergroup

To Mac or Not To Mac, That is the Question!


So we have all been put in this position before. We are forced to pick between two major brands, styles, high road or low road, etc, etc, etc. What really is the best choice when one must consider such an important factor in their daily life? I mean really, think about it. So many people in this day and age let their lives revolve around an operating system. From using their phones, to texting, to checking their email, and to what will become – more and more. For those of you out there thinking “That’s not me”, well, eventually you will be doing the same. But I will get into that a bit more later on. So really one must consider, “what operating system is best for me?’ Am I a Mac or a Windows user? And I think there are some really simple and valid reasons why certain people should consider going in a certain direction.


We all have seen the ridiculous Apple commercials. We all know that owning any piece of Apple candy is all a form of a marketing guru genius plot – what you disagree? Really? I mean look at them. They have brought their empire to life by using incredible advertising techniques, most of which I bow before and love. And unfortunately, most people out there who do use Apple products have been one way or another swayed into this product because of the popularity contest. Who can own the biggest, the best, the crème de la crème. It is like a fashion runway show in Paris. Everyone knows one person out there that owns a Mac for the sake of owning a Mac. They are working on that big novel and are busy typing
away at Star Bucks every day. That person. Yes.

User Experience

For those of us who aren’t drawn into something because of its popularity, we would have what I think is the next most important decision maker, user experience. Let us all assume you haven’t ever seen any advertisement and are completely new to the scene. (Impossible, I know, but let us just pretend for a minute). What are you going to do? Well I’d hopefully assume that one would spend some time to get to know the product for what it’s worth and what it can do for you. Would you be more drawn to a product that is easy to use, basically holds your hand on how to get anything done, that doesn’t throw a million “windows” at you while you are simply trying to just open the internet browser of your choice? I mean come on. We all know that Mac OSX has built a much cleaner and easier to use operating system. This in my opinion really allows for what needs to get done, get done. Why pick something complex when you can have something that is user friendly and in


So going back to the commercials again we have all seen with the “move star” Justin Long’s commercials “Get a Mac”. And how he emphasized on the fact that Mac’s don’t ever get viruses or crash. That technically is true these days, but honestly, how long will that really hold out? Eventually someone will find a way to get the poor Mac’s sick with viruses. It is just a matter of time. However, viruses aside, I have to consider my personal experiences as a long time Windows and Mac user. Hands down, not even a doubt or question about it, Mac wins big time. I have had countless problems with Windows. I don’t even know where to begin with all the horror stories I have encountered over 15 years of using Windows. I have owned a Mac for just shy of 10 years and have had little to no problems. Just a personal opinion and we all have our own stories, but from what I’ve heard from others who have been in similar situations, I am not alone.

Sure, okay, my opinions are extremely biased. I am not going to sit here and say, “Buy a Mac now!!!” But I would be more inclined to say, “Oh…….. You bought a Windows? Good luck!” But all I have said aside up to this point, it really all is about what you need to do with your technology. When it boils down to it, everything really gets you the same end result, eventually. It is all about how you want to get there. And what lets you achieve the result in the quickest fashion. If I sat around and talked about all the differences between both operating systems I might be here for a few years typing. And this was meant to just point out to the haters in the world that why can’t we all just get along? Being that I am one of the few species of users out there that can handle operating on both operating systems I would say they both have their ups and downs. Sure, I prefer a Mac any day to a Windows, that’s obvious. But, again, it all really depends on what you need to do. As a graphic designer, I love the dependability of my Adobe software never crashing. And that’s why I love a Mac. Everyone has their own reasons for needing a certain operating system. And I applaud those who chose based upon their needs for productivity. There are plenty of people out there who don’t, and they should be ashamed of themselves for buying a product just because Justin Long said so.

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