Get In Their Brains



How do you get inside the brain of an average customer? Give them the chance to provide feedback of course. If you don’t give a person the chance to provide an opinion, how will you know what needs to be done in your company? It is simple. One person can’t successfully grow a business. It takes many people to provide different aspects of the puzzle. A person once said, “Two are better than one.” Two masterminds are better than one. What the heck, even three are better than two. This same principle can be applied to your customers. How else will you know what they are thinking about your business?

A customer holds all the key pieces to what it takes to build a loyal base of fans. They are the eyes, ears, and mouth of a business. They know what could be changed about the product, they know what they like, and they know what could use some improvement in the experience. It is always important to utilize surveys, emails and social media to get a feel for what they are thinking. The number one thing is to get them to feel connected to your company. There is no better way to make sure your customer’s experience is top notch.

There are many things you can do to make sure you are hearing all thoughts and opinions. Provide your customers with an incentive to write a review. We all know that word travels fast, whether it is bad or good. There are emails and surveys dedicated to getting the most information you can gather about your services. If you have a call center, have your employees ask questions. “How was your experience with (so and so company) today?” “If you could change one thing about (so and so company), what would it be?” This way it comes straight from the customer’s mouth. Often times, this can be the best way to get feedback. If you want to grow your company, make sure you are asking questions. After all, the customer is what makes your business. Without them, there would be no growth. Have you gotten a handle on what they are thinking?


2 Ways to Improve Your Loyalty Program

Our guy Tim educating employees and making them advocates one at a time

Don’t Make Your Members Jump Through Hoops

Customers want a rewards program that is easy, fast and rewarding. Make the enrollment process simple or people won’t join. Redeeming points or rewards should be just as easy. Step back and walk through all of the aspects of your program as if you were a customer to see how it easy it is. Better yet have your parents try to enroll or use the program. If there are confusing areas or things they don’t understand, fix them!

Employee advocates of your rewards program

Our guy Tim educating employees and making them advocates one at a time

Educate Your Employees

Your employees are your best advocates. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it is so true. You could have members not using the program because they were never invited to sign up or the benefits were never explained. Worst case scenario, employees get asked questions about the program and they don’t even know. Educate your employees and make your rewards program a part of your identity and training. Have a contest to see who can enroll the most members or give incentives for the employees who ask their customers if they have points to redeem. If your employees are pumped about the program, your members will be too.

If your loyalty program is encountering a slump, don’t get discouraged. Just take this as a way to revive it to its full potential. If your program needs more help than this, check out re:member group’s awesome tools. Or better yet, give us a call or shoot us an email, we’d love to help!


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