June 14, 2013 remembergroup

Social Media : What is going to happen next?


According to Kiumarse Zamanian in his blog about “The 5 Keys to Great Marketing in 2012”, “Marketing as Mobilization: In a world of Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social platforms, marketing will increasingly resemble political campaigns with Brands mobilizing and incentivizing their advocates to market to their friends and communities. They will also staff up to quickly address and limit the impact of negative streams of publicity such as complaints before they hurt the brand. The emphasis will be on marketing in real time, providing clear value and recognizing that what people say about a brand is more important than what a brand says about itself. Engaging the “peoples network” will be as, if not more critical than leveraging television, retail and other media networks. To do this many companies will recognize that the key challenge is not to develop a Facebook presence but update the corporate communications, legal and marketing infrastructure of their organizations and those of their partners.” (http://www.responsys.com/blogs/nsm/loyalty-marketing/)
After reading this I started to drift off and wonder what the future may hold for social media and marketing. Given the first things that really pop into mind are things like Twitter or Facebook. We all know these are the leaders in social media these days – and they are still going very strong. I doubt that we will see a great decline in the use of either of these online mega-apps anytime soon. But like Facebook, something eventually will come along that will blow Facebook out of the water. It really is just a matter of time.
Immediately I realize that the only way anything will be able to surpass what Facebook or Twitter offers us now is how our social media needs are being delivered to us. I also recently discovered the wonderful “Project Glass” by Google. It really makes me think that something like this will inevitably take over. If you’ve watched the intro video showing how this wonderful product is planned to work – it will be even a bigger hit than Facebook was – or even the iPhone / Android. Check out this link on youtube if you haven’t watched this video yet. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c6W4CCU9M4)
So what will happen next? Will we see a connection between the mega-apps and Project Glass? Will there be other apps that will come along that will figure out a way to mix everything together – making it seem like we don’t need those kind of apps anymore to organize our social media needs? Will Facebook and Twitter fade away someday? Is it something that some of us will look back at in 10, 25, or even 50 years and laugh about? Inventions like Project Glass really are going to pathe the way to the new social media future and I couldn’t be more excited. So keep your eyes and ears open – but considering where things are headed – it really looks like you won’t have to do that anymore.

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