October 11, 2013 remembergroup

Simple is the New Black

What attracts you to a particular website, email, or logo? Well for me it all comes down to simplicity. Simple is the new black. It is luxurious, intelligent, sharp, and most importantly a clear message. Simple designs don’t overwhelm your vision with flashing psychedelic pictures or bombard you to click things that you really don’t want to click. (can you say desperate) After all isn’t the whole point of the design to get consumers to do THIS thing.

Simplicity is classy. Let’s think about it. When was the last time you picked up a brochure while on vacation and wanted to immediately have a seizure? You moved so quickly to put it back on the stand that you didn’t gather one thing from it. Those busy designs make the audience stray so far from what they should be reading.

Many people think more equals better, but sometimes that is certainly not the case. I recently learned three steps to improve designs for emails from one of my favorite websites, Six Revisions. In the email below it shows what the primary action is, an illustration of the whole concept, and an alternate action for the audience.

If the attention of your audience is being split between multiple focus points, you might as well count that design as a failure in the books. It’s always easy to get off track and go sparkle happy. Just remember, simple is the new black, for now anyways. Even when your client tells you, “I just want more, make it pop”

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