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Why Does Your Dealership Need a Loyalty Program?

Car dealership owners are well aware of how difficult it can be to retain customers and market to new and current ones. For a lot of consumers, buying a car is a one-time experience and they don’t feel the need to visit the dealership again; so as a dealer, it can be stressful to figure out how to get customers back into their business.

A loyalty program is a great place to start when it comes to finding a way to reach out to new and old customers. Car dealership incentive programs are actually more useful to customers than you may think.

  • Keeping your dealership’s name fresh in your customer’s minds is one of the key ways to get them to return for another visit, even if it is further down the road than you would like. It’s an easy way to remind them about your company. And if you offer exceptional customer service, they are going to remember their experience buying their car through your dealership.
  • Do you think you may be doing something wrong or your customers aren’t as happy as you would like them to be? A loyalty program is going to get you all of the feedback you need to know where your business is struggling and where things should be changed. Offering customers a chance to express their feelings and feedback makes them feel like their opinions matter and is beneficial for you.
  • Everyone likes an incentive! It doesn’t matter if it’s a percent off coupon, a referral reward or simply gaining points to redeem for a reward; any kind of incentive shows your customers that you’re willing to give them more than just what they’ve purchased. For example, if you offer your customers points for coming in and getting their oil changed with your business, they are going to keep returning for services, keep your business fresh in mind and gain something out of each return.

Introducing the re:member group Prepaid Maintenance platform

If you’re like most of the dealerships I’ve talked to, you have a few struggles:  Paying an insane amount of cash to some finance company, manually entering in your packages, low penetration numbers, and/or not having a choice of the packages you’re selling to your customers.

We’ve heard those struggles, and responded.  The re:member group Prepaid Maintenance platform is finally here!

  • Customized packages – want to award 4 oil changes?  State inspection?  Tire rotation?  Totally up to you.
  • Integrated with your DMS, packages automatically awarded.
  • You manage the cash, do whatever you want with it – after all, it’s yours and they’re your customers.
  • A package of benefits in the community, managed by us worth thousands of dollars to your customers, allowing you to close the PPM packages at a MUCH higher rate.

Take control of your PPM destiny.  Give me a call today for a quick demo.

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Choosing the right partner to build your loyalty program

If you’re taking the time to read this, let me say thank you. I know you time’s valuable. Now, let’s get to the good stuff:

I am biased, but I think we offer the most fluid, integrated loyalty program solutions for not just dealerships, but for many industries. However, if you’re shopping around, you should check a few things. I’ve been in rewards-based marketing the better part of two decades. A word of advice when shopping for a partner to help you with your loyalty program:

  1. Check their website. Is it responsive? You really can’t fancy yourself a customer engagement specialist if your website isn’t at least mobile friendly.
  2. Check their references. Are they easy to work with? Flexible?
  3. Check which industries they work in. A group that works in multiple industries can best advise you on what’s working across the board.
  4. Are they flexible? Do they offer a boxed solution or are they eager to work with you to accomplish your goals?
  5. Do they keep customers engaged? Do they offer customized solutions and email marketing with 50% open rates (or more)?
  6. Is the program easy to use? Automated? Do you have to have an employee monitor it, or is it fully automatic?
  7. Is there ongoing support? Do they have a team of marketing professionals ensuring the success of your program?

That’s all for now. If you require help or want someone to bounce ideas off of, give me a call.

Bryan “The Car Guy” and Jeff Cormier have done a lot for this industry. Let’s give back.


Sometimes it’s not about us, it’s who we can help.  Please visit these GoFundMe pages and help out part of our automotive family.

Bryan “The Car Guy” Armstrong needs no introduction, but his incredible wife Tamarra does!

First you need a little background on Tamarra’s condition:

Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (SMA) means that when she eats, the arterial branch going into her abdomen gets crushed and cuts off the blood supply. She also has inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia this makes her resting heartrate approx 110-120 but it can, and will, shoot up to 170-180 without cause or provocation.

Tamarra has undergone 1-2 major surgeries every year since 2011 and multiple diagnostic tests, bravos, CT Scans and x-rays…so much so that she is now deemed a high cancer risk. Daily life for Tamarra is on a feeding tube for 12 hours a day and then she fights nausea and bloating as well as severe abdominal pain. Because her metabolism is so high, it’s been described as akin to a hummingbird, she has little to no energy for very long without paying a severe physical toll for it. Oral intake of any food results in choking and nausea and painful cramping and swelling as her system processes any intake within a 20-30 min. window.

Tamarra’s strength is BOUNDLESS. In spite of all her struggles she cares for their 4 kids (3 newly adopted) and continues to work!

Any little bit helps for this amazing family and their very long journey!

Help Tamarra


The Automotive Industry is gathering together to support one of its own in a time of GREAT need.

Jeff Cormier; Army National Guard Veteran, Super Heros for Kids volunteer and Internet Sales Manager at Liberty Ford in Ohio , lost his son Xander age 6 tradgically to asthma related complications.

Dealer Synergy founders Sean and Karen Bradley are leading the support campaign as this tradegy hits them especially hard. The Bradley’s ALSO have a son named Xander who suffers from asthma and want to raise awareness regarding asthma and the impact of natural occuring allergens on asthma suffers.

This year’s Internet Sales 20 Group 3-day conference (IS20G8 ) is dedicated to Jeff Cormier and his family and is being coined “Education for a Cause”. Attendance at the conference is NOT required to extend your support to Jeff and his family.

All proceeds raised will go DIRECTLY to Jeff Cormier and his family.

Help Jeff Cormier and family

We forgot to mention something

Surprised nerd hides behind a computer keyboard over white background
Learn more about loyalty programs for your company

Color us idiots. In our defense though, we’re geeks; and over the last 13 years we’ve built the most solid platform for rewards programs in the automotive industry… we just forgot to tell everyone about it.

Now that we’re talking to dealers though, I’ve heard that some dealership’s loyalty programs are:

• Difficult to understand
• Clumsy
• Not integrated with the DMS/CRM
• Don’t have good service
• Unresponsive
• Expensive

Fortunately, I’m here to help. A few fun facts about re:member group points/rewards programs:

• Easy to understand
• Integrated with your DMS
• Come with exceptional, responsive service
• Cost-effective
• Have no setup fees
• Unlimited support
• Full reporting
• Regular on-site training

Keep in mind I’m not a salesman. I am a passionate lover of what we do and the automotive space. Let’s spend 5-10 minutes to chat about what we’re doing, and what you’re doing.

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Why so serious?

Car seller with car in a motor show.
Learn more about loyalty programs for your company

Obviously, one of my jobs is to earn business. Since changing from operations mode a few months back, nothing has been more fun to me than that, at least not since my days in automotive (of course). First thing I did was try to develop a sales process that was the most effective. Any good sales process is going to be picking up the phone and reaching out to dealers, or dropping in to introduce myself and say hello.

More times than not, I get the door slammed in my face. That’s ok, it’s part of the process and those not willing to hear me out probably wouldn’t make good partners anyway. It is funny to me though – in an industry so heavily loaded on the sales side, why wouldn’t a decision maker appreciate the sales process, and at least give a guy an opportunity to earn their business (yes, I said earn, not win)? If you don’t talk to service providers, how do you know you’re getting the best products? Interesting concept to me, especially seeing how many car salesman flock to my car when I pull on to a lot. Frequently, the response I get is, “I don’t talk to salespeople without an appointment.”

Salesperson? Nah. I’m just a guy trying to get our name out there in the industry. But I digress.

Back to the sales process. I reached out to industry friends, colleagues, even vendors (yes, even vendors have vendors) to get their input. I took the time. I developed the process and follow it to the letter.

In the process of developing the process, I discovered something astonishing (that’s sarcasm). Dealers hate being pitched. Probably the reason for the door getting slammed in my face.

When I do get the opportunity to talk to a dealer, I don’t pitch. Pitching is so old school anyways, and our competitors are doing that. I try to find the pain points, any way that we can help. I talk about our product, the value it brings, the responsiveness of our company, the cutting-edge technology, and the relationships that we’ve built. They might like it, they might not.

So, I’m curious – what’s your sales process like? Are you showing value? Do you have a “why buy” statement for your salespeople? If not, you better get on that. Your customers are probably sick of being pitched too.

Need help with your “why buy”? Call me. Conversations are free.

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Let’s talk points

Learn more about loyalty programs for your company

I was out training this past week – one of my favorite things. I love being on the road and interacting with salespeople. No surprise to those who know me – a big part of my talking about loyalty is POINTS, POINTS, POINTS. The idea is simple: awarding points will make your customers almost twice as likely to buy from you. Here’s how it works:

This researcher Joseph Nunes gave out two different punch cards to two different groups of people.

Punch card #1 asked customers to buy 8 car washes to get their 9th free. These customers felt like they were starting from scratch.

card one

Punch card #2 asked customers to buy 10 car washes and get their 11th free. But, and here’s the kicker: these customers were given the card with two punches already out of it. These customers started with the perception of already have earned something.

card two

In summary: what we have is two different cards asking customers to do the EXACT SAME THING. The results? Astonishing. When customers felt like they had made progress toward the goal (punch card #2 – like they had points), the buying rate went from 19% to 34%. Nearly double.

Fortunately, I’m here to help. Points programs are unbelievably easy to implement. Give me a call, I’ll show you how.

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