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What is a Loyalty Program and Why You Need One


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Loyalty programs are on the rise. Companies utilizing rewards programs are at the top of their game.

But – what is a loyalty program? While most are different, many things are similar. A loyalty program is a way to deliver a superior customer experience to your most loyal fans. I’m sure you know how it works – give something to customers for doing things, they can spend that something down the road.

Like all other marketing efforts, an awesome loyalty program takes work. If you have not yet implemented a loyalty program in your marketing strategy, or are unsure about its efficacy, consider the following five reasons why a loyalty program may be a worthwhile option for you.

1. Boost Your Rep
Loyalty programs serve a dual function: to incentivize new clients to stick around after purchasing your goods and services, and to ensure that existing loyal clients still feel as if they are valued by your operation.
2. Loyalty Programs Are Inexpensive
It’s funny to me when I hear prospective clients talk about how expensive a loyalty program is, it routinely ends up being less than 5% of their overall marketing budget. Isn’t that an acceptable price for unlimited communication with your current and most loyal fans? .
3. Loyalty programs grow companies
Consider the top companies in a wide variety of industries – Hertz, Delta, Starbucks, even Coca-Cola all have a loyalty program that offers their customers rewards for doing business with them. The best of the best use loyalty programs to boost growth; and for good reason – keeping a current customer costs 7 times less than acquiring a new one.
4. Once It Gets Started, It Stops Being Work
A good loyalty program is automatic. It’s seamless. It doesn’t require additional personnel – although you may want to have someone overseeing it; but it’s not necessary. You should be able to ‘kick back’ and enjoy the profits.
5. It Makes Your Customers Happy
In a recent study by Bane and Co, it found that 80% of companies believe that they are delivering a superior customer experience, while only 8% of their customers agree. That’s a startling statistic – the question I always ask with it is this: do you believe you’re delivering a SUPERIOR customer experience? Because you’re probably not.

Why It Is Time For You To Set Up A Loyalty Program
It’s no secret anymore that loyalty programs are effective marketing tools. They increase growth, help retain customers, and improve your brand’s reputation. And if you haven’t yet weaved a loyalty program into your marketing strategy, you may be missing out on one of the best and easiest tools available for the success of your business.


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Dealership Rewards


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Many of our clients are relying on rewards as the slow months are coming up. A rewards program gives you unlimited communications to customers along with incentives your competitors can’t match.

When customers earn rewards toward dealership purchases, they’re FAR more likely to return to the store.

What are you waiting for? What’s standing in your way of doing what the best companies are doing? Hertz, Delta, Starbucks, O’Reilly are just a few companies using rewards to motivate their customers.

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Tips for Successful Automotive Email Marketing


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Email marketing is alive and well, and can be extremely effective when done right. If you own a car dealership and are thinking about revamping your automotive email marketing campaign, try these savvy tips:

  • Start with a healthy email database. The best email marketing campaign on the planet won’t be effective if you’re not reaching your target audience. Make sure your email list is accurate and up-to-date with current contact information for your customers and prospects.
  • Add appropriate data. The more data you have about your prospects, the more effective your email marketing will be. Details such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle they currently drive as well as demographic information such as gender, age, occupation, estimated income, and lifestyle are all important. With that type of data, you can create personalized emails that are much more likely to be effective.
  • Make emails mobile responsive. According to the Direct Marketing Association, approximately 65 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device. If your email won’t open or display well on a mobile device, it will most likely get deleted.
  • Utilize triggered email marketing. You can increase revenue per email, retention, program ROI and customer lifetime value by sending emails triggered by customer behavior. Considering that triggered email messages enjoy a 152 percent higher click through rate than tradition bulk messages (according to, developing these types of emails is absolutely worth it.
  • Follow up. Incredibly, Cobalt Group’s National Automotive eShopper Experience Study revealed that 24 percent of email generated leads are ignored by dealers. What’s more, of those who do respond, 30 percent don’t follow up. Simply following up with information pertinent to your email leads will do wonders.

Finally, always proofread and edit your emails to make sure they are free from grammatical and spelling errors. Nothing says “unprofessional” like a sloppy email.

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Types of Car Dealership Incentives


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During the Super Bowl of 1975, car incentives were used for the first time and have been used by car dealers ever since. The two main types of car dealership incentive programs are customer incentives and dealer incentives. Here is a breakdown of car dealership incentives:

Financing Incentives
These incentives are very well received by the public. Sometimes the interest rate offered is as low as zero percent. However, the rate the buyer is offered will depend on their credit score.

Leasing Incentives
Around a quarter of buyers choose to lease their vehicles. Special deals usually offer lower interest rates or cash back. Before accepting a leasing deal, a consumer will consider the down payment, length of lease, allowed yearly mileage and the monthly payment.

Cash Back Rebates
These are used extensively among car dealers and consist of sending cash directly to the buyer from the car maker. Normally, you will not get a check, but the dealer will lower the purchase price of the car.

Customer Loyalty Incentives
Loyalty rewards are offered by car manufacturers for customers who have bought the same brand of car in the past. Sometimes the car maker will offer a reward for first-time buyers to lure them away from the competition.

Cash Incentives for Certain Customers
These incentives reward a certain section of the population, such as first-time car buyers. Other groups may include members of the military or recent college graduates.

Dealer Cash Rebates
These are rebates from the car maker that go to the dealer instead of the customer. Typically the dealer passes on the rebate to the buyer, which can go very high on luxury vehicles.

Dealer Kickbacks
These are rewards for dealers who meet certain criteria, such as reaching a sales goal over a certain amount of time. These support the dealership and help it stay in business.

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Benefits of Email Marketing

email marketing
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Many car dealers, large and small, use email marketing to effectively drive customers to their business. Car dealerships should incorporate automotive email marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Here are some benefits of email marketing:

Cost Effective
Email marketing offers a big return on your investment. For every dollar spent, your return could be as high as $40 – which is why even small businesses use it as a marketing solution.

Low Cost
There are no costs for mailing or printing, and you don’t have to pay for a billboard or advertising time on radio or television. The cost of sending emails is much lower than other types of marketing.

Less Time and Effort
Compared to other strategies such as postal mailings and telemarketing campaigns, email marketing can be accomplished in an hour or two. All you need is one copy of the approved email and an address list. The time needed can be advantageous for special sales or promotions that last just a few days.

Add a Personal Touch
Unlike the form letters used in the past, an email message can be personalized with a name or other information. Emails can be sent a certain amount of time after the customer made a purchase, or even on their birthday.

Test Which Emails Are More Effective
You’ll have the ability to send one version of an email advertisement to part of your list and another version to the second part. This is an easy way to tell which format works better. Email marketing has tracking tools that can give you information about people’s responses and which emails, font colors or headlines received the best response.

Easy to Pass On
When a subscriber receives an email and finds it to contain useful information, he can send the email to friends with a simple click. This is important if the subscriber is already favorable to your company, since word-of-mouth is a valuable tool.

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What to Ask Before Implementing a Loyalty Program

When you own a car dealership, it’s important to reach out to your customers continuously even long after they have purchased their vehicles. Automotive email marketing isn’t always a popular option with many dealership owners, but it is a good one for those that are willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

While implementing a loyalty program isn’t difficult, finding the right company to partner with may be. You don’t want to partner with just any company. There are a few things you should ask before hiring a company to create a loyalty program for your dealership.

Have you seen any of their work? If another dealership has offered their reviews or testimonials on the website, try to check it out and see what kind of program they’ve created for that company. It can help you get a good idea of what you’ll be getting for your dealership.

What’s the company’s backstory? It may not seem important to know where a company came from, but it can help shine a light on what they are truly about. A company that has done everything they can to succeed is going to do everything they can to ensure other companies succeed as well. When it comes to small dealerships, it’s important to get the help you need to continue growing.

What is the angle of the program? Asking the company what their angle is can help you decide if they are going to do what you want for your customers. Whatever loyalty program you decide to use for your dealership is going to be a reflection of your business and how you feel about your customers, so you want to be sure that it is something you are satisfied with. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the idea of the program, do not settle for something you don’t like.

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Why Does Your Dealership Need a Loyalty Program?

Car dealership owners are well aware of how difficult it can be to retain customers and market to new and current ones. For a lot of consumers, buying a car is a one-time experience and they don’t feel the need to visit the dealership again; so as a dealer, it can be stressful to figure out how to get customers back into their business.

A loyalty program is a great place to start when it comes to finding a way to reach out to new and old customers. Car dealership incentive programs are actually more useful to customers than you may think.

  • Keeping your dealership’s name fresh in your customer’s minds is one of the key ways to get them to return for another visit, even if it is further down the road than you would like. It’s an easy way to remind them about your company. And if you offer exceptional customer service, they are going to remember their experience buying their car through your dealership.
  • Do you think you may be doing something wrong or your customers aren’t as happy as you would like them to be? A loyalty program is going to get you all of the feedback you need to know where your business is struggling and where things should be changed. Offering customers a chance to express their feelings and feedback makes them feel like their opinions matter and is beneficial for you.
  • Everyone likes an incentive! It doesn’t matter if it’s a percent off coupon, a referral reward or simply gaining points to redeem for a reward; any kind of incentive shows your customers that you’re willing to give them more than just what they’ve purchased. For example, if you offer your customers points for coming in and getting their oil changed with your business, they are going to keep returning for services, keep your business fresh in mind and gain something out of each return.

Introducing the re:member group Prepaid Maintenance platform

If you’re like most of the dealerships I’ve talked to, you have a few struggles:  Paying an insane amount of cash to some finance company, manually entering in your packages, low penetration numbers, and/or not having a choice of the packages you’re selling to your customers.

We’ve heard those struggles, and responded.  The re:member group Prepaid Maintenance platform is finally here!

  • Customized packages – want to award 4 oil changes?  State inspection?  Tire rotation?  Totally up to you.
  • Integrated with your DMS, packages automatically awarded.
  • You manage the cash, do whatever you want with it – after all, it’s yours and they’re your customers.
  • A package of benefits in the community, managed by us worth thousands of dollars to your customers, allowing you to close the PPM packages at a MUCH higher rate.

Take control of your PPM destiny.  Give me a call today for a quick demo.

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