June 14, 2013 remembergroup

re:member group expands Customer Reporting Capabilities with Omniture

The re:member group is excited to announce a new feature to our Rewards Programs. Starting today our Customers can monitor the progress of any program through the online reports we have built specifically for our Programs in Omniture.

Omniture is an online reporting tool that organizes your Member to present both web analytics as well as reporting on our Customers loyalty programs.


The re:member group has designed “Dashboards” and “Bookmarks” for all Programs that can be found at the top of the page after logging into Omniture. The current reports offered are in “Dashboard” and “Bookmark” formats. Here are just some of the dashboards we have created for our customers:

  • Member and Transaction Analytics
  • Site Operations
  • Promotional Emails
  • Member Name and Total Points
  • Most Popular Pages
  • Promo Description by Promo Mail Date

In addition to the above reports, Customers have the ability to build their own reports based on the criteria in the Customers’ Programs. If our customers have an interest in this, or would like us to build a specific report for them, they have been instructed to contact their respective Hotlines to discuss the parameters. Any report, once built, can be emailed to Customers on scheduled basis.

The re:member group’s goal is to assist Customers in any way possible with their Programs. If any Customers or future Customers have any further questions not outlined above, please call the re:member group to discussOmniture’s reporting capabilities.

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