June 14, 2013 remembergroup

My Big Bang Theory


On the 4th of July, family and friends gather around our great nation to view local firework spectaculars. If all goes according to plan, viewers will get to enjoy the eye popping, jaw dropping, explosions light up the night sky for a solid 10-20 minutes. Unfortunately for the people in San Diego, they got their entire show in 15 seconds (Click link to see video).

Now, some people might say they got the most “bang for their buck” (though the show was free and open to the public I’m sure), and they got to witness something extremely rare. While others feel that they got tricked, and wasted their time. Now remembering 2012 as “The Summer of Bummer”.

Now my question is; what are you doing to avoid making your customers feel like they just got a 30 minute firework show in 15 seconds? Obviously, you want to lure them in with something new and shiny to get their attention. But if you spend all your effort and fire off your big guns right away, what’s saying that your customer won’t feel like they were cheated and not feeling the love? How do you balance or prioritize your initial ‘bang’ and also keep them engaged for longer than 15 seconds? Customers want to feel cared for, past the point of purchase antics that they experience every day.

Especially in major purchases, savvy customers will pay just as much (if not more) for their experience after the sale. Weather that is a warranty, bonus points, or just a good rapport with the salesperson, people seek out not just the best deals, but the best experience.

If your business includes pleasing the customers, keep in mind to not light all your fireworks off at once. Give the customer an awesome show so they will make sure they won’t be anywhere else when the 4th of July rolls around next summer.

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