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Mike Moore saved over $200 on a new Mathews Drenalin through the Mathews Rewards Program


Mike Moore loves shooting Mathews bows. He has been a member of the Mathews Rewards program since February of 2005, and recently was able to put over $200 toward his new Mathews Drenalin bow. He did this by shopping online through the Mathews Rewards Mall, where he earned real dollars toward his bow by shopping online through over 400 merchants.

The Mathews Rewards Program is developed and managed by the re:member group. If you would like to build a similar Program for your company, simply contact us.

We chatted with Mike to find out what he thought of Mathews, the Mathews Rewards Program, and shooting his new bow.

How long have you hunted with Mathews Bows?  And what do you hunt with them?

I’ve wanted a Mathews since my dad started shooting a Solocam about 15 years ago, but this is the first one that I have owned.  I have just one season hunting whitetail with it to this point, but I will be using it for my spring turkey hunt in April, for African plains game in June of ’09, and hopefully for many other species for years to come.

You’ve been a Mathews Rewards member since Feb 2005- how did you hear about the Rewards program?

I heard about the Rewards program through a link on the Mathews web site.

How did you rack up so many Mathews Rewards points so fast?

I’m an IT professional, and fortunately several of my key vendors for computers and related items are Rewards partners. I was purchasing frequently from these partner sites anyway, so all I had to do was direct all of these routine orders through the Rewards site.  It was amazing how fast the points accumulated.  I was going to wait until I had even more points, but my desire to shoot a Mathews made it very hard to put it off.

What was the redemption process like?

The redemption process was simple and painless.  All I had to do was purchase the bow and submit a very basic redemption form along with copy of the receipt.  I had the Rewards check within a few weeks.

What kind of Mathews bow did you use your Mathews Rewards points on?

I purchased a Drenalin.

Have you hunted with it yet?  What do you like about it?

I hunted whitetail with the bow this past season, and was able to take a nice doe at 40 yards.  What’s not to like about this bow? It’s fast, quiet, lightweight, and accurate.  It extended my effective range from the first time I shot it.

How would you rate your experience with this bow in particular and Mathews in general?

My experience with this bow and Mathews in general has been first class all the way.  Mathews products are superior, and when you own one, you get the feeling that you are part of an exclusive club.

What would you say to someone who asked about your experience with the Rewards program?

The program is great.  Definitely take advantage of it, earn points, and enjoy your new Mathews.

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