June 14, 2013 remembergroup

Loyalty in Las Vegas

Rolling through the desert at 8pm, we see the first lights. More appear in the distance, and soon the entire landscape is coated in the glow of hotel and casino lights.
“It looks like a bar of gold,” my co-pilot on this trip marveled. “Just a ridiculous amount of life surrounded by the desert.”
We were heading into Las Vegas for the NADA Convention, and this was an awesome welcome to the city for us. Much like those lights, the convention energized me (despite the 1,600+ mile drive we had just endured). I love the constant hustle and bustle conventions have, with the ability to meet with prospects face-to-face, and talk with them about my products.
We spent much of our time in Vegas working on the convention details, and figuring out how to best communicate our programs to those interested. I love discussing our programs, but it’s so different when the listener is standing right in front of you. It was a refreshing experience.
In the final hours of the convention, I saw the energy drain from exhibitors’ faces, and I had an idea to boost their spirits in case a prospect decided to meet with them at the end of the show (if you were at NADA and saw a guy in a short-sleeved polo walking around and shaking a candy jar like a lunatic, let me formally introduce myself now). The candy was a hit, and there were plenty of smiles to go around.
I entered Las Vegas dead-tired from the trip, and left Las Vegas even more tired after the convention, but it’s amazing how that city can make you feel. The shot of convention activity gave me a boost when I needed it.
This is going to sound so cheesy, but that boost was all I needed to get re-energized about selling our programs. I love our programs, and love to discuss them over the phone and in web conferences, but the connection I feel when discussing our programs face-to-face is so much more powerful. And to think, all it took for me to realize that was a couple million lights in the middle of the desert.

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