July 12, 2013 chenglefelt8700

Learning in the Big League


As a somewhat recent graduate and new employee at re:member group I didn’t think much into loyalty programs before.  My thoughts before were that those businesses were trying to get a step ahead of the competition. Maybe offer their customers special coupons or birthday treats but nothing of major value. I used punch cards and I am very loyal to certain brands, but it wasn’t until my friend offered me a free plane ticket that I realized what these programs can do for me.

It may be a stretch to say I feel like lightning struck thoughts and ideas into my head, but it kind of did. Why am I not using rewards programs more? My friend earned two free plane tickets to a place of her choice in the United States and asked me to join her. Two FREE plane tickets. Now you may ask well how many times did she fly before she received these points. That I’m not sure of.  But what I do know is that more businesses need to be participating in rewards programs and so do I.

By giving your customers incentives to do businesses with them, it drives frequency and ultimately sales. While working at re:member group I have learned the many different ways and reasons behind loyalty programs. They aren’t just for the airlines and different businesses can do more than punch cards. It is more than just giving what the customer expects, it is about exceeding that expectation. Imagine going into a candy store and receiving benefits you never expected to be there. You will leave with a satisfied feeling and will go back. No matter what type of business you may have, it could benefit from a rewards program. It isn’t just for the birds.

Cady Henglefelt


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