March 9, 2015 Remember8700

Do Robots Make Good Conversationists?

Have you ever lost your credit card and had to call in to get a new one? Picture this, you go to the grocery store and find yourself frantically digging for your card to pay. “It’s gone.” You think to yourself solemnly. Embarrassed, you tell the cashier you lost your card and scurry out of the store before anyone sees you can’t pay. You sit in your car and sadly dial a number into your cell phone, button by button. You dread this moment. You feel anxious and scared. You put the phone to your ear and….whomp whomp….it’s a recorded robot waiting to crush your hopes and dreams.  Monotonously it demands you to enter your social security number in. You don’t want to give your precious social security number to the robot who cannot be trusted. He is boring and unfriendly. You would love to talk to a real person for once. You throw your phone out the window in anger and watch as it gets run over by a big truck. You weep silently. Now you have no phone and no credit card. Your life is over. Have you ever been in this situation? Well I have and it is painful to converse with the robot on the telephone.

Nobody wants to talk to a machine. For one they are boring and often do not catch what we said correctly. We want to talk to people who can help us and listen to our issues. This is why robots do not carry conversations well. Having a customer service team to answer the phone and greet customers is key. Most of the time, real, live people will want to talk to real, live people. People will respect your company more if they can say, “Yeah, so and so is awesome! they helped me with my needs and were very friendly and I got to speak with a human.” I don’t know about you but I can usually tell if someone is kind and happy to help me through the phone. Even if the customer is frustrated, you can ease the situation by being kind and responsive. Being attentive to a customer’s needs is what they want. This is something a recording just cannot do. Pressing “zero” a million times is annoying. Do you think your customers will want to call if they cannot speak with anyone or if they have to work to get to you? Do you think customers will be more loyal and spend their hard earned dollars with you if you have only recorded customer service? Probably not. Think about the way your telephone customers are handled. Think about your own situations with recordings. Ask yourself, what can a robot do for me? The answer is, not much in terms of good customer service.