June 14, 2013 remembergroup

Can You Eat Your Cake and Have It Too?

consistencyI visited a couple of restaurants in the last week and was not particularly happy with the service. These are places I have been to before. I had a particularly difficult time getting a server’s attention in both of these visits. Off and on in the past I had good service and/or good food but was not as impressed as I had been before. It made me less likely to eat there again.

Ask yourselves, how do companies produce customer loyalty if there is not a consistent basis on which the customers are treated well? At these visits I wasn’t able to have good service and good food. That made me less likely to be a loyal customer.

Ucsdnutritionlink.org says the average consumer dines at a restaurant 4-5 times a week. Think about how many of those consumers could be loyal if every visit was spectacular. Unfortunately not every time is a good experience.

If you were a customer of your own company, think of this, wouldn’t you like to be treated like a valued customer every visit, every time? Wouldn’t you like to eat your cake and have it too?

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