September 9, 2016 Remember8700

Benefits of Email Marketing

email marketing
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Many car dealers, large and small, use email marketing to effectively drive customers to their business. Car dealerships should incorporate automotive email marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Here are some benefits of email marketing:

Cost Effective
Email marketing offers a big return on your investment. For every dollar spent, your return could be as high as $40 – which is why even small businesses use it as a marketing solution.

Low Cost
There are no costs for mailing or printing, and you don’t have to pay for a billboard or advertising time on radio or television. The cost of sending emails is much lower than other types of marketing.

Less Time and Effort
Compared to other strategies such as postal mailings and telemarketing campaigns, email marketing can be accomplished in an hour or two. All you need is one copy of the approved email and an address list. The time needed can be advantageous for special sales or promotions that last just a few days.

Add a Personal Touch
Unlike the form letters used in the past, an email message can be personalized with a name or other information. Emails can be sent a certain amount of time after the customer made a purchase, or even on their birthday.

Test Which Emails Are More Effective
You’ll have the ability to send one version of an email advertisement to part of your list and another version to the second part. This is an easy way to tell which format works better. Email marketing has tracking tools that can give you information about people’s responses and which emails, font colors or headlines received the best response.

Easy to Pass On
When a subscriber receives an email and finds it to contain useful information, he can send the email to friends with a simple click. This is important if the subscriber is already favorable to your company, since word-of-mouth is a valuable tool.

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