Dealership Loyalty Programs

How many times have you been able to save a great deal of money while shopping for some of your favorite brands at a retail location that you enjoy? When you have your own car dealership, you can take advantage of pleasing your customers while boosting your business simply by trusting re:member group to set up your dealership loyalty programs.

Increase Your Visits and Feedback

When you work with the professionals to put your loyalty program into place, you will be able to draw in members. These members will be about 70 percent more likely to come back again and again.

You’ll even be able to track your rate of customer satisfaction; A loyal customer will be very likely to fill out surveys or give you a great review that can be viewed by potential customers in the future.

Increase Your Referrals and Sales

Most businesses would not be able to survive without the help of quality referrals. With dealership loyalty programs, you have the ability to gain even more referrals as some of your customers direct their friends, co-workers, and family members to your dealership. Your loyal customers will tend to be less price conscious, which means they will be more apt to spending more money than new ones.

Because your customers demand the best, you can count on re:member group to provide it to them in the form of effective dealership loyalty programs that you can utilize to put your dealership over the top. Call re:member group at 952-224-8000 to discuss all of your options and how you can bring an interactive loyalty program experience to all of your current and future loyal customers.

We are your trusted source for implementing points programs and targeted eMarketing campaigns – all while helping you better communicate with your customers and put your car dealership on the map with a great reputation. By strengthening your relationship with both new and existing customers via an effective rewards program, you can close more sales all while encouraging customers to return. Let re:member group help you start a successful
dealership loyalty program today.