June 14, 2013 remembergroup

A Quality Call Center Begins with Quality People


The backbone of any company should be customer service. Or, in the case of the re:member group, Member Service. This is considered the highest priority at re:member group.

Members should be remembered as people. Real flesh and blood people. These people we speak to over the telephone are somebody’s brother, sister, mother, father, girlfriend, or loved one, and should be respected as such. How many times have you called customer service for your utility bill, cable bill, or mobile phone service and been less than pleased with how the call ended? Did your issue feel unresolved? Have you felt the CSR (Customer Service Representative) could care less about you as a person? At times, I have left feeling like that CSR did not enjoy their job very much.

Unfortunately, most of the time, this is the case in the real world. My personal experience has been less than stellar when it comes to resolving my issues (as a customer) with whatever customer service line I may have to contact on a regular basis.

We use these experiences, however, to improve our relationships with our Customers’ Members. We do this by implementing attitudes, procedures, and policies that set our Customers apart from the competition. But more importantly; the right Member service experience can stand out in a person’s mind for years to come.

One of the most difficult issues in marketing and business in general is keeping your name in the customer’s mind, in whatever capacity. I know that pleasant interactions I’ve had in the past with CSR’s have kept me coming back to whatever company that I’ve done business with.

It’s a powerful tool that any company can use, and one that builds Customers for Life. The cornerstone to this philosophy is hiring energetic, dynamic, and empathetic people for your customer service department. A quality call center depends firstly on one thing: quality people.

I’ll be touching on this more in the weeks to come. Just keep in mind that the re:member group handles all your Member Services needs with the programs we build.

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