Announcing Supercharged Sales/Service Surveys!

Your after-service/sales surveys are probably just like everyone else’s, boring. No incentives to get customers to take an action, stuck with another companys template. You may even use the same company and questions as your competitors. Our new survey product will automatically award customers points for filling it out, and display all kinds of dynamically generated content. 

Upon your customer filling out the survey, results will be automatically emailed to members of your management team. Full login for reporting is available. Definitely cooler than what you currently use & most likely way more cost-effective.

Talk to your re:member group representative about getting the coolest & most engaging surveys in the industry.,


Service Reminders with a Punch? Yep, we got them.

Service reminders are vital to any dealership organization, and guess what? You can now have them as part of your loyalty program How do you make sure that you are reminding your customers to shop around, and make sure they’re locked in? Remind them they’re a loyalty program member and they have points. Members of loyalty programs are 70% more likely to make repeat visits and are over 80% more likely to be upsold.

Upgrade your program to include service reminders today.

Email service reminder example

Email Enhancements!


Good news.  We’ve completed a project that’s taken many months to completely overhaul the way our email system handles data.   It’s a big deal and fulfills many requests handed to us by clients over the years.  New datapoints, like member PIN and account balance in dollars are now available.  Among the features, the speed has been greatly enhanced.  What it means for you is generally we can send emails the next morning after a closed RO, deal, or transaction.  These enhancements are going to vastly improve member engagement.

Also, a reminder – RG is available to you for all of your email marketing needs, with the added benefit of including a lot of personal information in the email.  Why is this so powerful?  Because your competitors are probably sending our similar messages that you are.  One big way to differentiate yourself from them is to include information about a customer’s points, both reminding & compelling them to continue doing business with you.

Here by popular demand, here are the cool new things we can now display in emails:

–        Member PIN (very useful on welcome emails)

–        Account Balance in dollars (previously only available in points)

–        Amount spent by customer on a transaction

–        Dollar value of points earned on a transaction

–        VIN

–        Mileage

–        Service advisor / Salesperson

–        Transaction type (we can now send emails based on redemptions as well as accruals)

Enjoy the new features!  If you have any questions, please contact:

Tim Clemens


Please Get in touch with us!