The Big Game Suspense

As we all know, the Super Bowl in right around the corner and I’m pumped! There are so many things to be excited about! ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF FOOD! Payton Manning could be the first ever QB to get a ring with two different teams. While Russell Wilson has a chance to take over the throne, if his hand doesn’t freeze. It is a battle of the ages between the best offense and defense in the NFL. And duh, the suspense of what commercial will be the best.

While I am excited to actually watch the game, there are millions of people out there who don’t give a crap. They are excited for the commercials and that is all they really watch. This year it is costing companies $4 million dollars for a tiny 30 second window. One mistake could put an executive on the chopping block. Or one brilliant move could send a company soaring. No pressure right?

Through out the playoffs Bud Light has been keeping us on the edge with little teasers. We know something weird is going to happen with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I predict them to hit the jackpot, but you never know. Axe is also is in the running for the leader with their warm up ad. Their new ‘Axe Peace’ spray wants us to make love not war. This could hit the emotional trigger for viewers. But I am excited for the unknown.

With teasers and the internet these days, if you feel like digging, you can figure out the best commercials before the Super Bowl. Last year the lights unexpectedly went out and Oreo went into action while the rest of us finished off the nachos. They ran to Twitter to let us know that there isn’t a problem even though the power is out.


Pure genius! This witty ad was cheaper than any advertisement possible and it made them more money. Sometimes we need to step out of the box and look for opportunities in unexpected places. After this stunt I think we will be seeing funny ads in different places. This ad made it to personal computers and phones in real-time. This makes the message engaging and more likely to pass on to others. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Times are changing and so are Super Bowl ads. Over the years the hype about them has dwindled. Who knows what the future holds. Any predictions how much 30 seconds will cost in 20 years? Happy watching everyone!

Cady Henglefelt

New Years Resolution For Your Business

Now that we are on our way into 2014. It’s the time to be thinking about how you can change your company for the better. 2013 was a great year, so how can we make changes and elaborate on certain things to make 2014 even better? Take a good, hard look at the way you currently handle your customer retention program.

I read an article on today ( that said customer loyalty is the holy grail of small business. The article then states that instead of offering insane buy “10 get 1 free deals”, (like those other guys) we should take the time to have conversations with the customers. Ask them what they think needs to be changed, and what they would like to see fixed. Maybe they would like to sit in a hot tub while they wait for there oil change. OK, that is a bit much, but you get the point.

Another big thing to look into, keep up on trends, find out who your key demographics are. You may not want to try and sell a “popular item” to a 16 year old girl, if “other popular item” is all the rage right now.  Make sure to track all your customer data, this will help you figure out what kinds of things your customers like to see.

Speaking of collecting data, make sure to only collect data that is usable. Otherwise you are using up resources and time tracking data that won’t do your business any good. The Forbes article also mentioned that you may not even need to have a loyalty program to have customer retention. Look at Apple products, they do not have a program, but they still have a large fan base. The big picture here is exceptional customer service. You can create customer loyalty with that alone. These customers are more likely to come back again and again if  “John Doe” opens their car door for them and so and so down the street does not.

If you apply these tips and tricks, 2014 will be an even better year for your business.


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