Sharks and Social Media


shark_1767838iThere’s this great show on ABC called Shark Tank.  It’s about a group of about 5 investors who sit at a table and watch as entrepreneurs present the products they created and wait hopefully for one of the investors to bite on what they have to sell.  Those terrified people remind me of businesses trying to get customers interested in their company through social media.  How do you get customers to care about what you have to say?  The way i see it, you throw yourself out there in the shark tank and hold on for dear life.

Rather than the big wigs, I think the customers are the sharks.  Some have small fins, some have big teeth, some even have funny looking heads.  No matter what they look like, they will still bite if they smell you.  To get them interested enough to nibble, you have to keep up on what the world around them is evolving into.  That means, watching trends and keeping an eye on the competition.  The internet is a big world and if you aren’t at the top of your game, you’ll get left behind.  In order to keep up and attract the sharks, you should consider following what i like to call, the other 5 c’s of Social Media.


1.)  Compelling-Make sure that every thing you post on Facebook or Twitter is something you would read if some other company had posted it.  If you would fall asleep or accidentally drool on it like a pillow, don’t put it up.

2.)  Collaboration-Switch it up, maybe you think of something witty one day, and another employee shares their favorite business meme the next.

3.)  Cool-Is it socially acceptable? If not, save it for your pets.  At least they can’t verbally tell you it sucks.

4.)  Collect-Gather information from feedback, likes, re tweets, followers, your mom, etc.

5.)  Contests-This is the big one.  People like getting free stuff, it’s as simple as that.  One day it could lead to referrals because Johnny Sharktooth loves his super awesome hat with your logo plastered across the front.

Well, there you have it,  now go out there and start feeding those diverse, carnivorous fish!


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